chilli chicken

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chilli chicken is a mouth watering dish. Wether it is a cool evening or a warm nigh chilli chicken is always ready to appetize our belly. This dish is my favourite and i think yours too.

Its a simple dish…with a few easy ingridients,,so check it out.images


1. 500 g chicken cut to big cubes


3.soy sauce

4.chilli sauce

5.spring onions


7. capsicum

8.green chillies


10.salt to taste


1. Take a bowl and put chicken pieces  and put cornflour and water and make a batter. add 2tbsp vineger and soy sauce. Add salt, red chilli powder .

2. marinate it and keep for 1 hour.

3.take a wok(kadhai) and put some groundnut oil.heat it. add the chicken pieces coated with  cornflour. deep fry them until golden brown.keep it in another plate.

4.in the same wok add some more oil  and heat.  add slited green chillies, spring onions and onoins .saute them. light fry the onions till they become translucent. add chopped capsicum.deep fry them.

5.now add the fried chicken pieces. and add 2 tbsp soy sauce and vineger. also add some  ginger garlic paste.keep stiring.

6.take a bowl and put some cornflour and 1/2 cup  water. mix it.

7.add this to the chicken.. mix well

8. add chilli sauce. you can also add some tomato ketchup. i personally add it.

9.let it simmer umtil the gravy thickens.

10. garnish with cilantro.

your tasty chilli chicken is ready for your tasty tummy.